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Vehicular accidents come in a variety of forms. From T-bone crashes to head-on collisions, these types of accidents can result in lifelong injuries or even death.  Crashes like these are often caused by factors like drunk driving, speeding, driver fatigue, and inexperienced or aggressive drivers.


The attorneys at Levine Lyon & Eisberner LLC are dedicated to getting victims of vehicular accidents the compensation that they deserve. A fair and just recovery would include medical damages, out-of-pocket costs and accident expenses, lost income, lost earning potential, loss of consortium, compensation for pain and suffering, cost of psychological counseling, and any other damages caused by the injury.


In order to recover those damages, the legal process can be complicated and overwhelming. As you pursue recovery, there are multiple details that you will want to know, and our attorneys are more than willing to help you navigate through them. We can assist with investigating the crash, establishing the other side’s negligence, compiling documents to prove damages, negotiating with adjusters, and asserting your claim in a court of law.


If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, contact us today for a free consultation.