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At Levine Lyon & Eisberner LLC, we help advise and set up new corporations and LLCs. Starting a new business is an incredibly exciting venture, but it is a venture that requires a great deal of planning and knowledge of corporate law and its intricacies. Being a new business owner can be incredibly overwhelming, and there are many hoops that you will have to jump through, but that should not deter you from following your dreams and aspirations.


If you are starting a new corporation or LLC in Wisconsin, please contact one of our experienced attorneys to make sure that your business formation is done correctly. We will ask a variety of questions to determine the best method of operations specifically for your business and help you create a road map for putting your business together. The considerations that we will consider and flesh out include:


  • What is the right legal entity for your business?

  • Who are the owners of the business going to be, and what are the responsibilities going to be for each?

  • How does one develop reliable, understandable, and enforceable contracts?

  • What are the rules for complying with local, state, and federal law?

  • What are the differences between a “member managed” and “manager managed” LLC?

  • What should you do to limit personal liability, and what are those limits?

  • Where and with whom will business be conducted?

  • What are the tax implications?


A seasoned lawyer at Levine Lyon & Eisberner LLC will help you draft and review employee agreements, con-compete agreements, bylaws, operating agreements, along with shareholder and partnership agreements. We will make the legal side of starting a business easier to handle so that you can spend more of your time focusing on what matters most to you.