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Whether you’ve been in business for a long time and are ready to move on to another venture or starting a business seems intriguing to you, at Levine Lyon & Eisberner LLC we are here to help.


If you are a business owner, we can help you:


  • Consider all the options that you have in selling your business

  • Get your affairs in order so that you can maximize your business’s value

  • Gather and create the appropriate documents, financial records, and business structural information that is required to show that your business is being run well and is organized

  • Understand the tax implications that are on you and your business


Likewise, if you are looking to buy a business, we can help you:


  • Find a business to purchase

  • Determine the financial forecast of that business

  • Find and secure the financial means for your purchase

  • Draft purchasing agreements, contracts, and any other documents you may need

  • Discern the company’s culture and find ways to alter it if necessary

  • Obtain registration and licensing

  • Structure your business in a way that puts you in the best position to achieve your goals

  • Determine which assets are including with the sale


An attorney at Levine Lyon & Eisberner LLC can help you make the best legal decisions as you consider buying or selling a business.