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Car Accident

Our client was a customer at a major retailer in Madison when she slipped on a watery substance in a checkout aisle. As she reached out to brace her fall, the brunt of her body weight was placed on her wrist. In the subsequent months, she began to experience a great deal of pain in her wrist, and ultimately required surgery. The defendant stated that they were not negligent and questioned the causation of the fall and the wrist injury. We sued. The defendant tried to have our claim kicked out of court, claiming that we failed to prove that the defendant had constructive notice of the hazard. We countered that the defendant had destroyed evidence by failing to preserve video footage which would have proven constructive notice. We prevailed on the motion for spoliation of evidence and our claim was cleared for trial. Soon after, we settled the matter at fifty times the defendant's initial offer. 


Car Accident

Our client was a farmer who sought to purchase cattle from another rancher. Prior to the sale, our client made clear that he only sought to purchase steers, and did not want to purchase any bulls. Despite this, the defendant castrated the cattle only a short time before our client's purchase. On the day of the transfer, our client was in the corral and one of the cattle broke free and attacked him, causing him to lose his eye and use of his arm. We sued for recovery, and the defendant claimed that our client was injured due to his own negligence. We argued that the cattle were functionally bulls due to their heighten testosterone levels, and had our client of been warned in advance, he would not have assumed the risk of entering the corral. After prevailing on summary judgment, we settled the case just before trial. In doing so, we secured our client more than one hundred times the defendant's initial offer. 

Premise Liability

Car Accident

Our client was walking in a private commercial parking lot when he was struck by a driver. The driver claimed that our client had run out and jumped in front of her car. After an investigation, we were able to convincingly argue that the driver was being untruthful, and we settled the matter for the maximum limit's of the driver's insurance coverage. 

Car on Pedestrian Accident

Our client was a young woman who was struck by a car while she was standing on the side of the road. The accident left her with permanent facial scars which required surgery. We negotiated with the insurance company and received the maximum insurance coverage on behalf of our client.

Car Accident

We structured the creation of an international company in the financial technology sector. Our client has developed software to help facilitate money transactions through mobile phones in developing countries. Their software is so promising that they received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates' Catalyst Fund. Our services include the creation of an entity with a complex equity vesting schedule, the protection of the company's trademarks, drafting the company's Terms of Service, and other legal services.

Complex Entity Creation

We sued a major US Airline and an airport for their failure to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our client, a blind person, was left without support to get from the curb to the check-in counter, despite the ADA's requirement that such support be provided. We sued in Federal Court. Prior to the Court's decision, we settled the case with the airline and airport. The settlement included remedying the problem and providing our attorneys fees.

Americans with Disabilities Act

A hail storm destroyed our client's slate roof and their insurance company claimed that the damage was preexisting. We utilized an independent engineer's report to show otherwise. The dispute headed to arbitration, and, before reaching a decision, we settled the dispute with the insurance company. As part of the settlement, the insurance company paid for the complete repair of our client's roof and provided our attorneys fees.

Insurance Dispute

Our client was the victim of a restaurant owner who denied her wages after 39 days of work. We sued the restaurant owner in Federal Court under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The judge awarded our client her wages, punitive damages, and attorneys fees.

Fair Labor Standards Act

Our client was the victim of a home invasion, in which she suffered $75,000 worth of property damage and stolen belongings. Her insurance company refused to cover the robbery, and we sued for bad faith breach of contract in circuit court. The insurance company filed a motion for summary judgment. We prevailed, and just before trial we settled with the insurance company.

Insurance Dispute